Communication, Honesty, and Confession In Marriage

Open Line Of Communication In A Marriage

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Within a marriage, it’s important to keep communication open between each other. It’s important to make time to talk about each other’s day. It’s important that communication is reciprocated, appreciated, and not simply tolerated.

Open communication in a marriage will allow husband and wife to be “a part” of one another’s life. You know, for those hours of the days when you’re not with your spouse because of work, school, engagements, etc.

In a marriage, communication should include honesty and transparency. When there is no honesty and transparency, we make room for our adversary to enter in through open doors.

When there is no honesty and transparency, we make room for our adversary to enter in through open doors.

And, we can see the translation of this when there’s a lack of communication in our secret place with our Heavenly Father.

God seeks for us to communicate with Him – we (the church) being His bride. So, if this is something that we ought to do with our spiritual Heavenly Father, then we should see the importance of doing the same with our spouses.

Now, our spouse will never, fully know everything that is in our hearts (we don’t know it either!) because that’s only for God to know. But, the things that are known to us, especially true feelings for our spouses, whether it be good or bad, should be confessed to God first and then to our spouses.

Honesty In Marriage

Sometimes it can be hard to be completely honest with our spouses because it can be uncomfortable saying things that we know may hurt them.

But, if we’re our spouse’s best friend (after God, of course), then it’s only right that we be as honest as possible about how we are feeling, things that we don’t like, and even reproof and correction.

The Bible says in Proverbs 27:6 that “The kisses of an enemy is profuse. But, faithful are the wounds of a friend”.

Proverbs 27:6
The kisses of an enemy is profuse. But, faithful are the wounds of a friend.

It would be better for us to hear the honest truth from our spouses – the person who knows us and is with us more than anyone else – than a complete stranger.

With honesty, words should be used wisely and harmlessly. Honesty can be spoken without having to denigrate ones character and/or ego.

We should know within ourselves that anything that our spouse speaks to us would be to help raise us up rather than to try to tear us down.

Marriage should be an adventure between two people who love each other and wants the best for each other. Growth has to happen to both husband and wife – with neither being afraid to sharpen each other.

Proverbs 27:17
Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.

Confession In Marriage

Confessing doesn’t feel good all the time. And, the reason being is because our carnal nature doesn’t like anything that is of truth. But, the Bible says that we ought to confess our sins to one another.

The carnal nature would prefer to confine itself in secrecy. However, the Word says that it’s best for us to confess our sins as God “is faithful and just to forgive us”.

1 John 1:9
If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us [our] sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

Speaking from experience, I know the breakthrough that confession can bring within a marriage. It is not done to appease one’s spouse. But, rather to free the soul of imprisonment – that is the imprisonment of shame, guilt, and unforgiveness towards self and spouse.

The ultimate goal is to release oneself of the burden that comes along with carrying such weight because lack of confession can grieve the Holy Spirit. It’s also similar to coming on agreement or terms with the spirit that wants to deprive you of God’s liberty.

For me, personally, I try to confess anything that’s in my heart towards my husband (or anything else I feel convicted to confess) because it brings liberation and allows me to draw closer to God.

Ultimately, confession with God is primary and then it should occur with your spouse. It is paramount for a healthy relationship.

Start small with something like how you felt when your spouse did something you didn’t like and gradually open up about bigger, deeper things. Confess to each other and then come together and pray about each other’s concerns and inward struggles.

Lastly, always remember that you both are two flesh becoming one. So, there’s A LOT of pruning taking place and there is almost ALWAYS something to talk about because we are all imperfect beings being perfected by God on a daily basis.

I hope you enjoyed the read.

Until next time, Toodles! 💜

Communication, Honesty, And Confession In Marriage

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