Top 5 Gift Ideas To Give Men For The Holidays (2022)

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So, that time of the year is just about here. You know, the time of the year where stores get jammed up, roads are busy with cars trying to press through traffic, and just about everyone is going crazy trying to make sure they can get their hands on that perfect gift for their loved ones…

This is the time of year where a majority of people are merry at heart, filled with love, and wanting to give, and do for others.

However, gift-giving can be a bit challenging, to say the least. That’s why I am an advocate on early gift shopping.

Anyhow, I don’t know about you. But, I am an early bird when it comes to gift shopping I try to avoid the stress of the hustle, bustle, and shuffle. So, with that being said, for the early birds like me, gift shopping has commenced.

I’ve done some research to check out the latest trends for 2022. And, in doing that, I’ve compiled a list of the top gifts to give men during the holidays.

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Top 5 Gift Ideas For Men


1. Watches

Watches are for sure one of my most favorite gifts to give men during the holidays. I’ve gotten my husband several watches throughout the years – each a different color and style to match the occasion.

Every last one of them was an Invicta watch. They have different collections, limited time watch designs (e.g. Marvel) and watch lines created by some of your favorite celebrities such as Jason Taylor, Gabrielle Union, and Shaq.

The watches are created with great material and for sure of great quality. They also have watches for women. Be sure to take a peak here if your guy is in to that type of stuff.

2. Bracelets, Chains, Rings

I am all for jewelry and there is no way that I could forget to include bracelets, chains, or rings! A few years ago, I purchased my dad a stainless steel bracelet with a personalized engraved message on the back of it for his birthday. It is still in pretty awesome shape and he loves it! He wears it out on special occasions. I purchased that personalized bracelet from Limoges Jewelry. They also have medical bracelets and all sorts of other things (such as school rings) that can all be personalized with a nice, sweet message to that special him! Plus, they’re affordable, too. Check them out Limoges Jewelry.


3. ‘90s Themed Clothing

If you haven’t noticed, the style from the ‘90s has been creeping back in to the 21st century - from snapbacks (hats), baggy-styled clothing, to denim jackets, overalls, turtlenecks, sweaters, blazers, and the like. My husband rocks his sweaters and blazers with some jeans and sneakers for a casual look.

Some of the hottest brands have joined the wagon and tailored their clothing to match the trending styles. You can find a few of the models promoting this trend at Old Navy.

4. Shoes

If you've been taking notes, you'd know that a very particular trend for men's dress shoes have been loafers. They have been worn by celebrities and many others at events ranging from parties to weddings. You can't go wrong with these!

You can check out affordable loafers here. Or, if you’re in to more exclusive, brand named loafers, check these out. I’ve gotten my father a pair and he loves that they’re convenient and comfortable.

For a more casual/laid back everyday wear, you can NEVER go wrong with sneakers. Some of the name brands my husband favors are Nike, Adidas, Puma, K-Swiss and more. The variety is endless!

Lastly, Crocs have made their way in to the loungewear scene. They come in different colors and you have the option to customize them.


5. Cologne

Okay, so there are some AWESOME scented colognes out there. Now, I’m not sure what type of scent your favorite guy is in to. But, let me just recommend my top 3 faves and you can go from there. They are: Sauvage by Dior, Polo Red by Ralph Lauren, and Desire by Alfred Dunhill. These fragrances smell SOO GOOD! It’s definitely worth every single penny. No doubt about that!

Sauvage by Dior
Polo Red by Ralph Lauren
Desire by Alfred Dunhill

Well folks, those are my ultimate top 5 gifts to give men for the holidays in 2022.

Although every man is different, I am sure that you’d be able to choose a nice gift for that special guy in your life from one of the above categories.

Hope you enjoyed the read!

Until next time, Toodles! 💜

Top 5 Gifts To Give Men For The Holidays (2022)

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