Women Are Powerful!

Life throws so much at us – especially as women nowadays. We find ourselves juggling work, our spouse, kids, and everything else in between. Sometimes it seems as though we are barely making it through the day – let alone having time for ourselves (which is much needed).

What I have come to find (at least on a personal level) is that oftentimes, we can list everything as priorities and forget that the only way that we can be of much use to anything else in our lives is by first being able to maintain ‘ourselves’ – that includes our spiritual, physical, and mental well-being. But, day-by-day, we can find ourselves drowning in work that seems to never, really end. And, to make matters worse, sometimes we have no idea how to go about completing everything that needs to be completed. But, some way, some how, we as women, tend to find a way to get it done (you go Super Woman!). And, just like that, we find a way to muster the strength to continue to push through and persevere because so much is dependent on us as women.

Are You A Woman Dealing With Low Self-Esteem or Low Confidence?

But, what happens when you just don’t know what to do or you’re just not confident enough to do what is being asked of you? What if you’re thinking to yourself, “Umm no. That does not happen with me. I wish that were me!” What do you do then?

What if you’re a woman who’s unsure of yourself and lacking self-confidence and/or self-esteem and because of this, you just can’t seem to complete and/or fulfill your goals? And, what about those days when you’re just not feeling quite motivated and/or encouraged enough to make it through your day? What if you’re lacking motivation and you’re just not feeling yourself? How do you motivate yourself or how can you be confident again? How do you bounce back?

These are all questions that I once asked myself and challenges that I once faced once upon a time in my life especially when I felt overwhelmed, bombarded, defeated, etc. There was a time where I did not know who I was as an individual, a time where I felt like I was living, yet dead inside. And, because I did not really know who I was, I accepted what was below my moral standards.

It’s Time For A Change!

With so much pressure from society to be a certain type of woman or to act and look a certain type of way, it can be quite challenging to remain as one that is set apart from the rest. And, yes it is quite all right to be different…to be YOU. There is no shame if you’re dealing with a lack of self-confidence and/or self-esteem because that can be built within you. I am a testimony to that. To know who you are and whose you are, will change you completely.

Listen, I can bet that the criticism from society and the lies that you have heard throughout your lifetime (unfortunately) began to become your reality. And, I understand because the same thing happened to me. But, the good news is that everything has a beginning and an end. The way you perceive yourself is ALL in your mind.

So, it’s time you take captive the negative thoughts in your mind concerning yourself and throw them out because then, and only then, will you realize who you are. Honey, it’s time for new beginnings! And, the power for that to happen has been placed in YOUR hands! Your change is dependent on your mindset, motivation to change, but most importantly, your actions! No matter what is going on in your life and the lies that were whispered in your ears, from one one woman to another, I want you to know that you ARE BEAUTIFUL and you are a QUEEN.

A Lifestyle Blog Filled With Confidence For Women

This blog is an everything women lifestyle blog.

The goal, purpose, and ambiance of this blog is simply to exude confidence by providing you with everything that you may need – from personal tips (based off of my own experiences), posts on faith, prayer & devotionals, relationships, fashion, trends, and more! Welcome to my little corner of the web created just for you…if you’ve reached this blog, I do not believe that it is by accident and I welcome you!

To all of you who’ve stumbled to this site, always remember that you are worth it. A message to you from me, Love Thyself, Queen!

*Queens come in various shapes and sizes, backgrounds, cultures, and ethnicities. Yet, they are all beautiful.*


Hey! Welcome to my blog! My name is Lourdine. I am a millennial, a wife, daughter, and multi-tasker. I love to write, listen to music, and I’m all about my Christian faith.

I help women feel confident by teaching them how to embrace themselves – Flaws and All. I want all women to think highly of themselves because woman, you’re not only smart, funny, loved, unique, and beautiful, you’re also a QUEEN!

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