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How I Lost My Baby Weight Within One Month

Congratulations on welcoming a beautiful addition to your family! As a new mom, it’s totally natural to want to regain your pre-pregnancy body and feel confident again.

This blog post will be about what I did to lose my baby weight within 1-2 months postpartum. I lost a total of 60 pounds!

Disclaimer: Before diving into what I did, I want to state that every woman’s postpartum journey is unique. So, please be kind to yourself and consult your healthcare provider before starting any weight loss program.

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To begin, my first step was to set up realistic goals for myself with attempting to lose a steady and healthy amount of weight each week, roughly about 1 to 2 pounds. I’ve tried several crash diets and extreme workouts before and they didn’t work for me. I wouldn’t recommend those as they may interfere with your milk supply if you’re breastfeeding.

Secondly, I nurtured my body with a balanced diet. My husband was and is such a help to me achieving my diet goals He would meal plan for us since I have so much going on with baby. Our meals usually consisted of grilled chicken/turkey with veggies for me and sometimes we would have rice and/or pasta with our protein. And, when we opted out on grocery shopping and meal cooking on our own, we ordered food via Hello Fresh. This was so convenient as well.

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To note, I did not cut off any foods that I love to eat during that time. Instead, I ate them in small quantities and I would fast intermittently. I will speak on that briefly.

It’s important to note how eating a healthy, balanced diet is crucial for losing weight after pregnancy. Make sure to include a variety of nutrients such as lean protein, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats. I also tried to stay as hydrated as possible by drinking plenty of water throughout the day and limiting my intake of sugary drinks.

Being a new mom is challenging as it is and my energy levels would fluctuate. So, in order to help with that, I continued taking my vitamins, walked as much as possible, and slept whenever baby would sleep.

It’s so important to seek support, help, and motivation with fulfilling your goals. Losing baby weight can be challenging both physically and emotionally, so having a support system is crucial. You can connect with other new moms going through the same journey for motivation and accountability. You could also join online communities, attend postnatal fitness classes, or start a walking group with fellow moms.

The Power Drive to My Weight Loss

As I stated earlier, I would engage in intermittent fasting. I used the DoFasting App to help me keep track of everything. My intermittent fasting consisted of me eating for a certain block of time and then not eating for the rest. For example, I would wake up, drink a bottle of water or two, take my vitamins, and not eat a meal until about 12pm-1:30pm. I would eat at that hour until about 7pm and then I wouldn’t consume any more food. Essentially, I had between a 6-7 hour time block for eating and then the rest of the day I wouldn’t eat. Again, everyone’s body and situation is different. So, please note that results may vary. I’ve managed to keep my baby weight off and I’m hoping to keep it that way and lose more way on top of it.

All-in-all, losing baby weight within one month is an achievable goal when approached with patience, dedication, and a healthy mindset. It’s important to focus on self-care, listen to your body, and celebrate each milestone along the way. Remember, your postpartum journey is unique, so be kind to yourself. Embrace the changes and enjoy the process of regaining your pre-pregnancy body.

I hope you enjoyed the read.

Until next time, Toodles! 💜

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