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Disclaimer: I am a member of Enfamil Family Beginnings and received sample baby infant formula. However, all opinions are my own.

As a new mom, knowing what’s best for your baby can be challenging.

I recall struggling with trying to breastfeed my baby after delivery. The nurse advised that my baby needed to have something to eat, at least until I was able to learn how to properly breastfeed and get my baby to latch on so that she didn’t become dehydrated.

I never planned on having or needing to supplement with formula. But, I’m happy that I had that option.

Baby’s first formula was Enfamil Neuro Pro Gentlease – purple and yellow containers (picture of the purple container is not listed above. I’ll add one below).

My birthing hospital truly recommended and advocated this formula brand for all of their babies.

According to Enfamil, this is their closest formula to breast milk ever made.

It’s benefits include: a triple prebiotic immune blend to support baby’s immunity, designed for lactose sensitivity, and it contains the brain-building blend of MFGM and DHA.

Due to the shortage in formula, I was not able to find any NeuroPro Gentlease formula for my baby. Thankfully, the hospital staff provided me with about 2 months worth of NeuroPro formula to go home with.

Baby automatically took to this formula when I fed it to her. After she ran out of the supplied NeuroPro, I started giving baby the Enfamil Gentlease as that was the only formula closest to the NeuroPro that I was able to find in the stores. I would say that there is a slight difference in taste (I taste everything before I feed it to my little one!).

The NeuroPro is a bit more tart and dense in texture whilst the Gentlease is a bit more sweet and lighter in texture. The Gentlease definitely resembles an “infant formula” in comparison to the NeuroPro. My baby preferred the NeuroPro versus the Gentlease. But, with the shortage, we had to do what we had to do. Thankfully, she tolerated it for about 2 months.

With the NeuroPro, I didn’t notice any spitting up. However, I did notice that she began to spit up with the Gentlease which she started to take at about 2 months or so.

I reached out to her pediatrician regarding her spitting up and I was advised to make changes to my diet such as limiting dairy products and also to ensure that I have baby sit up for at least 30 minutes before allowing her to lie down. But, I just couldn’t shake that the change in formula was definitely the culprit (this is not to deny the fact that it is normal for babies to spit up due to their immature digestive system).

I noticed that she continued to spit up and the amount of spit up increased despite following her pediatrician’s recommendations.

I dabbled with the Reguline to see if that would help baby since I did notice her straining a bit during her bowel movements. The Reguline did help make her stools softer. However, it appears that I have a picky eate on my hands! My baby doesn’t quite like the taste of the Reguline and the spit up continued even with that formula.

Ultimately, the winner here is definitely the Enfamil NeuroPro. Hopefully, I can find some containers for baby. But, this shortage has been really bad.

I hope this post provided you with insight on which formula to choose when it pertains to Enfamil formula for your baby.

Until next time, Toodles! 💜

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